This and that

Several months went by without any updates to my blog... but you know what they say: no news is good news. High time for an update though!

They say time starts flying when you get older - well we're not (that) old yet, but time sure seems to fly these days! It seems only yesterday that we were soaking up the sun - at least Simba loves getting a tan.

Mur and I spent most of the summer in our outdoor underdeck patio:

But, of course all good things come to an end and before we knew it, autumn had arrived with all its pretty colors. We're lucky to live in such a lovely part of the world!

Then winter sprung on us suddenly...

A perfect time to talk about what keeps us busy! The cats have only one hobby: relax and keep an eye out the window for spring to come back. Here are Atrus, Leo, Mickey and Mouse in a rare moment of togetherness.

I have a few new hobbies... I don't think I have mentioned it yet, but a few years ago I started to teach myself how to crochet. I didn't realize how much fun that can be! Slowly the entire house and we ourselves are being covered with yarn... just a few examples of the things I made.


Stool cover:


I even attempted a few more difficult projects such as these doilies:

And a bigger one to match:

That is not all, I also started to dabble at the piano. The cats love it and especially Atrus likes to listen to his favorite tune: Kittyet from "My First Bach".

As for Murray, he never sits still. As a finishing touch to the house, he put hardwood flooring in his own computer den:

It's a bit of work, but the result is worth it!

All the work done, he can relax at last.

Time to get those bagpipes going, Mur!