My girls

Everyone who has even remotely looked at this blog knows we have 5 delightful feline boys. However, up to now I have never talked about my girls. High time to introduce them to you!

You might ask: "But wait, what? I didn't know you had children?" Well... no... not live human ones. However, I do have quite a collection of American Girls. It all started like this...

When I first started learning how to crochet, I was perpetually looking for small projects I could easily make in a day. Well, what is smaller than doll's clothes... so I decided to crochet this adorable headband just to practise.

Then it happened... Murray walked in and saw the cute little face that modeled the headband. "What a sweet doll," he said. I bet he regretted that remark, because I felt the same... what an adorable doll! Long story short, after a Google search, I found out the face belongs to Elizabeth Cole, part of the American Girl collection.

There was only one snag... Elizabeth was one of the retired dolls. I quickly fell in love with another doll though - Samantha Parkinton. What a gorgeous dress, what a delightful doll... when she arrived, she was even sweeter in person. Then I found Elizabeth on eBay, as a previously loved doll. She too was even more beautiful in person than just a picture...

Long story short, my collection started to grow and ended with 8 beautiful dolls and 4 mini dolls. Here they are, from left to right:

Above: Kirsten Larson, mini Caroline Abbott, Lea Clark, Molly McIntire, Samantha Parkinton and mini Kirsten.

Below: Lea Clark, mini Molly, Rebecca Robin, Nanea Mitchell, mini Felicity Merriman and Elizabeth Cole, proudly wearing the headband that started it all.

My girls have been together for a few years now and get along splendidly, in fact they don't ask for much at all. And now I am going to share a secret - if you read this, shh, don't tell anyone please. Murray almost likes them more than I do... in fact he is the one that chose a few of them!

Then one day I noticed that one of Molly's eyes started to look very strange, almost silvery. Even though Molly is a previously owned doll - I have actually no idea how old she is - apparently this is considered a factory defect and repaired free of charged by American Girl. All we had to do was send her to the AG doll hospital. Here she is ready to travel:

After only a few weeks, Molly arrived back on our doorstep, dressed in a hospital gown, socks and a medical bracelet on her wrist. Great service from the AG company! Doesn't she look happy with her new eyes? Leonito wonders what all the fuss is about:

Glad you received a clean bill of health, and welcome home Molly!