The year of the hummingbird

I suddenly realized that this blog has been really quiet this year... but in truth not that much has happened lately (which is a good thing, I hasten to add).

Summer has been elusive this year - where other parts in the world have had to cope with heatwaves and droughts, we have had almost non stop rain and cool weather. Not that we're complaining... it is so much better than the fires we had to cope with in previous years!

I'm not sure why, but this year we have seen far more hummingbirds than ever. We can't fill our feeders fast enough - they actually manage to empty all three of them on a daily basis. But what is more, they aren't shy in the least. Not only are they not afraid of us...

... They actually use our finger as a perch!

... And then chase each other - go away, my turn!

Of course the winner gets to sit down quietly and have a good sip:

It's incredible that of all the wild birds, we not only get to touch the smallest of them all, but they even allow us to pet them.

Other than that, not much news. Our Frostie and her babies wish you a happy summer!