Mighty Mickey

I realize that things must be seen in perspective in the light of current world events, but I wanted to share this anyway: today we made the difficult decision to take our Mickey on his last journey.

Mickey, you were so very special. You entered our lives 14 years ago, the first cat Murray and I picked together. You probably don't remember what a rough start you had in life, you were so tiny when it happened! You had a good foster momma who bottle fed you, and then you found a loving home with us.

You were loved by all the other cats too - Mouse took it upon himself to be your surrogate daddy and mentor.

Even as you were growing up, wherever we'd find you, Mouse would be there too!

You, in turn, adopted many toys... and treated them as gently as if they were your own child.

Or snuggle in bed with one of us:

Just before supper time, as soon as we set the table, you never once failed to warm up our placemats. Even after all these years, you managed to be so surprised that you weren't allowed to stay there during the entire dinner!

You were such a photogenic cat...

Intelligent too!

Not to mention inquisitive... "what is that sound?"

Bye dearest Mickey, we will always have the fondest memories of you and will miss you so much!