Much needed maintenance

Ahh, the joys of owning a house... it's a neverending project!
Actually, it all started with a broken water pipe, right next to our drive. Thanks to some sturdy guys with even more sturdy equipment, that was swiftly fixed.

However, time, usage and some heavy rain downpours lately had severly undermined the quality of our road, to the point of us getting a little scared to drive on it... and that leak didn't help matters of course.

Not to worry... thankfully that too can be fixed. And fixed it was, today. First, this little guy (I'm talking about the tractor, of course) smoothed our drive and forced it into submission:

Then the big truckloads arrived, full of gravel... LOADS of them. We actually lost count how many - our drive is almost half a kilometer long!

Then the little tractor got to work and leveled all the gravel.

The result is gorgeous... fantastic work guys!