The happiest anniversary

Today marks our fifteenth anniversay - and it's extra special one!

Yes, I can't believe it's been so long already... fifteen happy years together!

So what makes this year so extra special? Well, it's only one week ago that Murray came home from the Kelowna hospital (about six hours driving from where we live). He was flown there in an ambulance jet three weeks ago after he had a heart attack. They decided that quadruple bypass surgery was necessary immediately!

Last week he came home by plane and I picked him up in Cranbrook... you can imagine how happy we are to be together again. On to our next anniversaries: twenty, twenty five, FOREVER!

It sure was lonely those two weeks, despite the cats keeping me company each night:

The raccoons still come begging for their snack as well:

And here's Murray showing off a lovely card that we received today. Welcome home and happy anniversary, my darling!!